As veteran game designers, producers and writers, we provide expertise on:

  • transmedia storytelling

    •  creating worlds ready to be developed across the media, including videogames, film, television, and virtual reality.
  • game development

    • how to conceive, scope, and staff digital interactive projects across a variety of technological platforms.
  • project management

    • how to manage risk and keep a digital game project on track.

  • game writing and script doctoring

    • how to make the storytelling of your game more compelling to your audience.

  • If there any services related to our skill set, don't hesitate to contact us

Narrative and Game Design Workshops

We also teach narrative design workshops all around the world, from Madrid to Montreal, from Krems to New York City. They cover:

  • world building
  • storytelling for franchise development
  • narrative game design
  • adapting traditional media to games (and vice versa)

Workshops range from an afternoon to two days, and are tailored to the needs of your organization. 


We also provide work for hire as narrative designers, producers, project managers, or writers, working directly as members of your production team. Or hire us to put your production team together, so we can find the right people for your story-driven new media project.